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Tommy Bowden

Former Head Coach, Clemson University


Tommy Bowden is a good coach. Tommy Bowden is a winning coach. So, why is it that he is unemployed…still??

Clemson still has his BIO on their website, so I guess they haven’t quite come to grips with letting him go either. The wins seemed consistent. Actually, “the first thing that comes to mind is consistency,” their site says. He left there with a solid record, 90-49.

Bowden was a solid coach that connected well with his players and fans. I remember James Davis giving an interview, but couldn’t really say much because of the emotion and tears flowing. Players don’t care about just any coach like that.

Something else that struck home about Bowden’s tenure was the graduation rate during that time frame. Clemson  graduated almost 80 percent of its senior class in the nine years that he coached and ranked #1 in the nation in graduation rate among African-Americans (100 percent). Considering the importance placed on education by President Delaney, Bowden would fit in well.

Tommy Bowden is a players’ coach and players’ coaches generally do well recruiting. Bowden will do a good job of getting us the horses for the race, but my only concern would be the staff surrounding him. Unfortunately, Tommy’s been off the big stage for a bit. Who would he bring with him? I’m certain that he still has some people at Clemson that are loyal and would join him, but who? Any key positions?


So, what do you think?


October 8th, 2010


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