What if UNF had a football program...

Mark Brunell

Quarterback - New York Jets


Brunell was my first choice when working on the idea of UNF having a football team.  I thought the hometown guy coming back and continuing his winning ways, and working out of the stadium that he once dominated, etc, etc (everyone loves a good thick plot) would be awesome. Then I started thinking of even more possibilities


Anyway… I spoke with Brunell Friday, July 10th (2009 – as slow as I’ve been with completing this site, I NEED to specify the year…more for myself than you), and asked him about the possibility of his coaching a UNF football team. 


He said, ‘I wouldn’t consider coaching at that level and I’m content coaching my boys.’  To which I replied that I would take him off the list.  BUT….after further thought, I decided that I would leave him on here (that’s what happens when you have time to really think about things…you reconsider).


Sometimes when you’re first asked about doing something new, your initial response isn’t always your final response.  I imagine someone probably approach Barak Obama at one point and proposed, “you should run for President!” to which he probably humbly rejected the idea, but then thought later, ‘I can do that.  I certainly can do a better job than the guy in there now.’  Maybe I simply planted a seed with Brunell.  Maybe after further thought, he may indeed feel, I can do that, yes I can. 


Or not.


Mark Brunell's Resume:



So, what do you think?