Candidate Coaches

So, who coaches the team?

There is no one position as important to the success of a college football team as that of the head coach, so why not make a play for a big-time coach?  Seriously, do we have to confine our search to relative nobodies from the obscurest places of the college football landscape because we have a new program? Assistants of assistants.


Sure, we are a relatively small University (compared to UF, UM, & FSU), but there are schools as small as or smaller than UNF with football programs ( Wake Forest, Duke, Rice, etc).


Although UNF is a small school, it isn’t a small school with a losing football tradition. Matter of fact, there is no football “tradition” here.  UNF is a school that has never won a football game, but has yet to lose one either (both undefeated and unbeaten!!).  


The tradition will be whatever the coach creates – a winning tradition, losing tradition, a tradition of mediocrity, whatever.


Wait a minute! Who's paying this coach??
Let's talk Compensation!

How do we possibly pay for a "Big-Time" coach? No matter how you cut it, we are a small school, so paying a Frank Beamer ($2.1 mill. - VT), Rich Brooks ($1.6 mill. - Kent.), Al Groh ($2.07 mill. - Virg.), Rick Neuheisel ($1.3 mill. - UCLA), or Dabo Swinney ($816k - Clem.) type of salary is out of the question! Or is it? The salary for each coach is $272k, $400k, $292k, $250k, and $250k respectively.


So, then, what is the salary? USA Today defines it as "base salary, deferred payments earned on an annual basis, annuity payments for current contract year, payments based on ticket revenue when available, contractual expense accounts, housing allowances, etc. Salaries reported do not take into account deductions that have, or may, occur because of state goverment furlough actions." In short, it's the hard cash the school has to come up with.


Where does the rest of the money come from? Other Income. TV, radio, those nice morning-after-the-game shows, football camps, speeches, etc. The big piece of that pie comes from apparel companies, such as Nike. Quick reminder, UNF inked a deal with Nike last year making them the exclusive provider of their gear and Nike likes for big-name coaches to wear their gear. It's endorsing without the actual pitch. I guess we're supposed to believe someone like Nick Saban reached into his closet that morning before the game and just happened to grab his favorite red Nike shirt to wear to the game.


It's OK, I don't mind a subtle product placement here and there. It's better than those Sprint phone commercials that they packaged as the TV show, "24" . Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the show, I just hated those obvious let's-sell-a-sprint-phone moments.


Whatever pays the bills.


Here are a list of coaches that I think fit UNF's need:




The Coach That Fits BEST (coming soon)

steve spurrierThis is that Big Fish...that one that you hope to land. In a perfect world, this is the choice that fits the school best. When you consider our location, the thick plot and sub plots of his past, he would bring instant buzz and excitement with him.








With each game that Oklahoma wins with Landry Jones, Wilson's stock goes up even more. It shows that Sam Bradford wasn't Superman, but rather that he was super prepared. A great system makes good talent look superior.





Where the hell is Tommy Bowden? This guy is a good coach!





You can't be successful without top recruits. Urban Meyers' first championship was the fruit of Zook's hard labor on the recruiting path.


Throw in Zook's recent comments about the SEC and it looks like our guy about ready to head back south!




Hmmmm. I might have been a bit off with this one. It appears that Georgia's woes are coming from the offensive side of the ball. Particularly, misteps by a certain offensive coordinator.




Greg Davis

Major Applewhite, Chris Simms, Vince Young, and Colt McCoy. All of these quarterbacks can claim Davis as their Coordinator/QB Coach. They say you know a tree by its fruit, then Davis is a successful tree.





Think he could make a more successful transition moving from NFL Offensive Coordinator to Head Coach than Charlie Weis? I for one think so, but then again, could he do any worse! Read why he's right for the job after the jump.





Allen is a talented and seasoned coach. He's coached in Florida long enough to have gained a good understanding of Florida football. He would recruit well.





For now, this might be a stretch. In the not so distant future, this would be a pretty good pick.





In a perfect world, this is the choice that fits the school best. When you consider our location, the thick plot and sub plots, his past, he would have associated with coming here.bring instant buzz and excitement with him.





Honestly, I only have on the list just to say that I met him. It's not that I don't think that can coach, I just don't think that there's a desire to coach there. Hey, with his son presently attending school here, maybe there's an outside chance that Dan would want to coach here also.