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Dan Marino

Hall of Fame Quarterback


Honestly, I only have him on the list so that I can say I met him. It's not that I don't think that he can coach, he would probably be an outstanding coach if he wanted to. The question is: Does he want to?


If Dan Marino wanted to coach, somewhere, anywhere, he would be doing it already. I just don't think that there's a desire to coach there.


Hey, with his son presently attending school here, maybe there's an outside chance that Dan would want to coach here also.


Here's a humorus recount of my meeting Dan Marino:

Thursday night (2/19/2009) we, my wife and I, ( plus two unruly kids that we just happened to find and bring to the game…because MY children wouldn’t act like those two terrors) head off to watch UNF take on Florida Gulf Coast U in basketball. 


Anyway…. As we approach the door to give up our tickets the guy in front of me kinda shoots me a look as we come up behind him.  I’m thinking, ‘damn buddy, I wasn’t that close to you, but boy you look familiar.’ It wasn’t really a pissed look, but it wasn’t a ‘hey let’s hang out’ look either.  After a quick search through my database of faces, I figure he's one of two possibilities, so I ask the ticket guy if that was Dan Marino and he tells me yes (I went with the more popular choice).  I go over, shake his hand and tell him, “dude, I thought you were someone from one of my classes (the other possibility).”  What??  He could have been. I did say that he looked familiar! Too old, you say? Well, the next time you’re in class with a guy that looks about 47 (or older), which is probably EVERY one of your classes – since this is UNF – just think…”Man, that could be Dan Marino!”


So, later my wife asks me, jokingly, if I’m ever going to wash my hand???  “Hell yes,” was my reply.  Sure, Dan is a great guy and all, but he was shaking hands with people like a politician.  He probably picked up more cooties than Paris Hilton.  So, hell yeah, I’m going to wash my hand!  …eventually.  Not need to rush.  I mean come on….it’s Dan Marino.


Trying to figure out WHY he was at our game, I went to a wiki page about him and found out that an interesting little tidbit.  Dan’s got 6 kids!!  SIX!!  Like me you probably figured those furrows on his forehead came from eyeing down defenses, deciphering the best way to pick them apart.  Nope.  They’re from years of trying to decipher, “why are you hitting your sister?”  “why are you crying for no reason?” “why is the greatest quarterback of all time changing a diaper….AGAIN?” “WHO BROKE THIS???”  I’ve got two boys, so I’m certain that his furrows are a result of progeny stress.


Here's Marino's resume:


So, what do you think?


October 8th, 2010


October 23rd, 2010



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