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I know. Is there really a need to ask any student of UNF, any Alum, or heck, for that matter, any resident of Jacksonville, are you ready for some college football?   The overwhelming answer would be a simple, WE ARE READY!!!

UNF/Jacksonville deserves its own "big boy" college football team! A team that's in the conversation of the elite and still in the hunt in December (no, I'm not going to make that leap to January football yet....baby steps).

If you were to do a search for "new college football programs," you'd find a glut of talk about startups. It seems that Everyone thinks it's a good idea for their school to have a D-I (Football Bowl Subdivision) program and can't wait to start the process. So, what makes UNF any different from those dreamers? Location, location, location. If you don't have access to talent, then you're at a disadvantage. Just looking at the Jacksonville area alone, UNF has access to a lot of talent.

Seriously, what's the big deal about football? Why do I possibly think that it's a good idea for UNF to have a football program?? Start with my "push" for football below and then check out some of the other hot topics:

(Each page has a comment section...so use it. If you've got thoughts, ideas, or complaints, don't hesitate to put them on there.)

Football - A serious presentation (my push for a team)
Where will we play?
What about the players?
Ideas about the coach

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September 3rd, 2010

College football season is officially upon us. What way better to celebrate this than to get the talks going about the University of North Florida having a football team!